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First Trailer Track :))

2011-05-12 14:15:07 by rcvtk

I just uploaded my first trailer track here on NG. It took me some time to combine the orchestra with the choirs, synths , drums and percussion,and guitar, but I think the hard work paid off. I uploaded some photos of the workflow here and on Facebook while working on it .. hope you like the song : /419925 , and if you have any questions just don't hesitate :))



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2011-05-13 09:48:27

U did use cellos!! But why did I barely hear any string?

rcvtk responds:

But just the spiccato, to help the accented bass , in the part when the drums enters. What happened was that the choirs were a bit too loud... next time i will make sure strings are there for your ear haha :D Thx :))



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