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2010-09-14 04:17:14 by rcvtk

I'm really disappointed that somebody has been voting low everyday to reduce on purpose the rating of my track "Orchestral Theme 1". Whoever it is, I find it to be ridiculuos and nonsense. Stop making these silly things pls come on!!

I had very positive comments for my track "Orchestral Theme 1" and surely 2.90 as rating is not realistic. I'm really disappointed... and I hope that whoever he is, stops making these silly things and if so he should learn how to produce and compose music...



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2010-09-14 06:53:16

Trust me man, this happens to everyone. There are a bunch of people called 0-bombers who have nothing better to do than vote 0 on every submission they see, not caring about how good the submission is, so that their submission goes on top.

It happens to everyone, and all we can do is put up with it. We can't tell the site administrators since they already know about it and are working on a solution to fix it, and we can't 0-bomb too since it would just make things worse.

Still, your song seems to be getting 0-bombed a LOT. I'll 5-bomb it everyday :).

rcvtk responds:

Oh thx... lol



2010-12-05 18:56:34

Happen to me too, you know Danman87 eh? He left NG for the same reason. No one in here cares shit about good or bad music, only about who they think that can get the highest vote.

Losers who have nothing to do or jealous about people get more voting or more talents than them often do this. My music once called "shitty stuff for dog" (can figure out why someone call that), I really don't care at all.