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2010-05-15 10:22:54 by rcvtk

Hi!! I am working hard on refurbishing a bit my softwares, so that lately in june(or beginnig of july), I can post my first audio post. I am currently organising my hard disk(2 tb), where all my softwares are installed.

Surely, by the end of June, I will have everything settled, with all my vsts loaded in my DAW. My music softwares add up to more than 1tb of hard disk space.

I hope that I will have some time to finish my audio posts soon, and I will then try to find some chance to post you the list of the softwares I use(which are quite a lot). Enjoy making music... it's the best thing a person can do in his whole life!! Comment and keep checking my page regularly. Thx.



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2010-05-15 10:56:19

I wish you good luck with your music.


2010-05-15 11:14:37

Good luck with your music!

Keep in mind that if it is your first time submitting audio you must be approved by an audio moderator.


2010-05-15 11:37:51

Gah, can't wait to hear your music ^^.

Speed up the process please :3.

Also, I now have a 1 TB Hard Disk :D.

Gah I should stop putting smileys at the end of my sentences :O.

Nooooo!!!! >:C.