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Film Orchestral Template

2010-04-29 09:16:43 by rcvtk

I 'm very delighted of my pc!! After watching some videos on film music production , I decided to make a template in DAW, which is the way professionals write and produce their film music. In the video I watched, the person had 16gb of RAM!! So at first I thought it's impossible to have a professional template, using my pc, which has 4gb of RAM.

The next day I started to build this template, using my vst packs. The computer loaded without hesitation 100 different patches of instruments(wow)... and i can continue load more when I will have more chance of doing so!! The instruments are not small, and there are some instruments which are greater than 150mb!!

I divided the template in different sections: Strings,Woodwinds,Brass,UnPitched Percussion and Pitched Percussion. Together to this template i will also add the choirs.

So have FAITH in your computer, especially in the genre of film music production!!

News Update

2010-04-19 10:51:24 by rcvtk

Right now, I 'm really busy with my scool studies and music related activities, and so, my first audio post will take some time. My first project is nearly ready, whilst i'm scetching the 2nd one. I will then tell you what softwares am i using. I will keep u updated, and i hope that i will find some chance to post my instrumental soundtracks soon!!