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Changed style ...

2011-06-01 04:44:02 by rcvtk

Hi! After posting some trailer cues and film music style tracks, I decided that it's time to change a bit the style; after all, a change is good for everyone haha :D For me, all types of music are an art; the important thing is that the music makes sense xD

My all time favourite composer would surely be Hans Zimmer, but there are such great composers and music producers around the globe that no one can ever focus on one mastermind like Hans is. There are also the trailer groups like audiomachine, e.s posthumus... trailer and film music is still a genre which is still developing, and I will surely post more tracks of mine as regards to this genre.

Music changes all the time, and its development depends mostly on what the listeners and fans out there are asking. Right now, my favourite producer/composer is Armin Van Buuren. For me, his music contains great themes, mixed with crunching beats. I fell in love with this style, since a the composer has to create a chordal melody, and at the same time experimenting with beats, bass and synthy stuff.

So for now I'm trying to focus on this genre, and here's the first track : /423935

Hope you like it and pls comment and rate. Keepin touch for more !! :D Thx :))


First Trailer Track :))

2011-05-12 14:15:07 by rcvtk

I just uploaded my first trailer track here on NG. It took me some time to combine the orchestra with the choirs, synths , drums and percussion,and guitar, but I think the hard work paid off. I uploaded some photos of the workflow here and on Facebook while working on it .. hope you like the song : /419925 , and if you have any questions just don't hesitate :))


Gearing 4 a new music life...

2011-03-03 08:41:00 by rcvtk

Hi!! It has been a long time since I logged in my NG sccount. In these last 2 months I was really busy with my mock GSCEs exams in Malta at my college. Although the "real" exams are in May, I'm still busy with studying and school stuff. But now I have some chance which I can dedicate to music...

Yes...MUSIC!! Although I didn't have chance of composing and producing music throughout this period, I did some major changes to my Home Music Production Studio. These are the changes:

1. I invested some useful money, to upgrade both my studio hardware and software...since no money means no good music... :P
2. I upgraded to CUBASE 6(I will post more info in other posts)...the new release for 2011 from Steinberg. I will use CUBASE 6 in conjunction with the other new DAW which is SONAR X1 Producer.
3. Upgraded my external sound card - M-AUDIO FAST TRACK PRO, with new audio drivers...
4. Started using the stem mixing capabilities of my MIDI Keyboard - M-AUDIO KEYSTATION PRO 88 -- this gives me more control on the final mixing of my tracks...
5. Bought some of the best sample libraries on the market...together with a bunch of new synths. My hard disk now stores over than 1TB of realistic samples!!
7. Bought a 23 '' LG Black LCD monitor...just to use it in conjunction with the other ACER screen. Like professionals do, I can spread the view of my workflow along these 2 screens...

I thinks that's all!! So as you can see it was quite a busy upgrade job, but I'm sure that I will find this useful when producing music during Summer time!!

Feel free to comment...and thanks...


Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer

2010-12-23 09:12:16 by rcvtk

I'm so glad I upgraded to the best windows sequencer on earth : Sonar X1 Producer by Cakewalk!!

SONAR X1 Producer has everything needed to deliver the polished, "radio-ready" recordings that are expected in today's music industry - all in one box. Included are all of SONAR's cutting edge music creation tools, plus an unparalleled collection of world-class instruments and effects. From the innovative Skylight interface to the legendary, "big-studio" sound of the ProChannel console strip, SONAR X1 Producer is the ideal choice for anyone serious about music production.

I have been using Sonar from Sonar 2, and it has really developed now, beating every competition on the market!!

For more info visit :


Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer

Composing...and school

2010-09-15 04:17:07 by rcvtk

School starts again!! And this year it will be the busiest of all!! I am still composing music, but obviously I have less time...

I hope that you like my tracks, and I will try and keep posting more...promise!! :)



2010-09-14 04:17:14 by rcvtk

I'm really disappointed that somebody has been voting low everyday to reduce on purpose the rating of my track "Orchestral Theme 1". Whoever it is, I find it to be ridiculuos and nonsense. Stop making these silly things pls come on!!

I had very positive comments for my track "Orchestral Theme 1" and surely 2.90 as rating is not realistic. I'm really disappointed... and I hope that whoever he is, stops making these silly things and if so he should learn how to produce and compose music...


Studio working...

2010-07-05 05:35:38 by rcvtk

Hi... I'm currently working on my compositions, and I have started posting some new tracks. So check it out... and comment and rate... thx...


Working in the new studio...

2010-06-28 14:31:19 by rcvtk

I'm really glad that from next week, I can start using my studio. It was a year of hard work, purchasing midi keyboards, a professional soundcard, and obviouslt the ultimate softwares!! I hope that I can now focus on my music work from next week... and that I can post my music here on NG and on my new youtube channel. If you want some information just contact me here or on youtube. Thx... and comment...


Finally!! The Hard Disk refurbishment process has now ended.

But now I have to study for my exams, and then hopefully from the 25th June I can use my studio...



2010-05-15 10:22:54 by rcvtk

Hi!! I am working hard on refurbishing a bit my softwares, so that lately in june(or beginnig of july), I can post my first audio post. I am currently organising my hard disk(2 tb), where all my softwares are installed.

Surely, by the end of June, I will have everything settled, with all my vsts loaded in my DAW. My music softwares add up to more than 1tb of hard disk space.

I hope that I will have some time to finish my audio posts soon, and I will then try to find some chance to post you the list of the softwares I use(which are quite a lot). Enjoy making music... it's the best thing a person can do in his whole life!! Comment and keep checking my page regularly. Thx.